Vaporwave is dead. Long live vaporwave!

In this videogame, you explore the flow of many vaporwave and synthwave music tracks. That's all. No enemies to kill, no missions to archieve.
Just you, your keyboard (or controller) and this wonderful (and aesthetical) music.


  • Classic mode: just you, a song and your highscore to beat.
  • Endless mode: how far you can reach?
  • Custom mode: load your own .ogg music files in the game!
  • Vaporwave themed aesthetical graphics
  • A lot of graphical settings: this game WILL run in your personal computer


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Synthwave 60 MB

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Solid game!

Though I was a bit frustrated with how i could not move left, it made no sense to me.(Or was that non-intended?) 

Also what's up with that basic-asset looking chick telling me i failed? I could say that she failed in life cause all she does is put people down, and that ain't a successful life! :D

Got off-track, nice game!

Thanks for the comment :)

Yeah, i hate that girl and I created it ahah, she exist only to minimize your success and maximize your failures, like an antagonist 😂

Thanks, and download the game for new tracks and modalities 


Very enjoyable.

It makes no sense for the woman to announce my failure and I love it.

The transitions between phases are very nice.

Controls are messed up on xbox360 controller. I had to hold it sideways and use DPAD up for right and down for left. Worked OK.

There should be a fullscreen option in the browser version IMHO.

Thanks for the comment :) unfortunately the game was designed for PS4 controller in mind, but i will fix the Xbox360 controller problem ASAP

I will set the checkbox there!